Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Foamy offering
Pebbles hissing as they roll
Seaside lullaby


Doug said...

Why hiss, old pebble?
Do you work for salary?
On the state budget?

Nessa said...

I'd work there at any salary.

actonbell said...

*sigh* How nice.

tsduff said...

Your pithy Haiku
Leaves me convulsed at its truth
Who you callin old?

Nessa - me too.

Actonbell - "echos *sigh*" Looking at the photo brings me back to a magical time in Carmel.

Anonymous said...

great spot,remember the chatter of rolling pebbles between waves...fine spot for a boy and his dog...XoXo
Thank You for the wonderful times

TLP said...

Very nice. And clean.

laughingwolf said...

scrubbed clean quickly there :)

photowannabe said...

Love the seaside lullaby.

Magdalene-Sophie said...

I like this ;)