Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anyone need some fresh Icelandic water?


Doug said...

I actually bought some this morning but thanks.

Anonymous said...

Looks good for a cold, cold dip.

Vicki said...

No thanks...I have plenty!

Nessa said...

Beautiful. I would love to see Iceland.

karen a. said...

If you do go Nessa, would you be a dear and bring me back a bottle of Brennivin?

It's known there as the black death. And no, I don't mean the plague.

SOe said...

woohoo. my favourite waterfall.

actonbell said...

YES! Yes, I do.

Anonymous said...

Happy Wednesday
May it be a
stress free
play day
cook day
prep day

javajazz said...

Happy Thanksgiving
to Crow and Bear
and you and yours
and theirs...!
xo lisa

Anonymous said...

7am GMT , so it is your birthday
Happy Birthday

tsduff said...

It's nice Doug, as it comes at Walgreen's in a nice bottle... but isn't it just so much better at the source?

LGS - One seems oblivious to the temperature when at the site of the beautiful source ;)

Vicki - Showoff LOL~ Just wish I was in your shoes.

Nessa - Maybe one day who knows... you will!

Karen - Are you a true fan of Brennivin? It is a favorite drink of G and I, though I (being of Danish decent) also enjoy Aquavit which is amazingly similar in taste and character.

My dear Sonja - How I wish I could just zap myself there... isn't it pretty? It was a rainy day last time we were there, but G went behind the waterfall and we laughed at his sopped lopapesa :)

Actonbell: The best I can do hon, is say Walgreen's sells it cheap, though to get the full effect you would probably have to go the whole 9 yards (or quite considerably more-give or take a little) to the south of Iceland where this gorgeous falls lends the ambiance to the enjoyment of the H20...

Anonymous: Your well-wishes were much appreciated, though non-effective as I didn't see them until way later...

Dearest JJ - Thank you so very much for your well wishes. Have missed you much this year - life, circumstance... the big M... you know the drill... love xoxo

Sweetheart - Thank you xoxo You are the best.

TLP said...

Happy Birthday Terry! November 30th produced great folks.