Friday, November 12, 2010

I was saving this picture for some fine and wonderful "Rabbit Rabbit" but my countenance today took over.

This picture says it all... did you ever find when a "warm and fuzzy" took over and turned everything horrible? Well, you are looking at it.

May the rest of the month be nothing but better.


Michelle said...


That is the most psycho rabbit I've seen in... well, ever!

Sounds like your year has been a bit like mine. I'd say I'm longing for the whole year to end except then there's a new year and if it's anything like this one has been... I'm going to go hibernate with the bears! Or fly south with the birds? Do you think they'd notice a couple of crows amongst the swallows? ;-)

(((hugs)) back.

Doug said...

Ick. Sorry to hear. I hope whatever it is turns brighter.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you brighter bunnies of the less black psychotic types.

Ariel the Thief said...

When someone says that a "warm and fuzzy" took over and turned EVERYTHING horrible, it sounds bad enough.

actonbell said...

I hope horrible turns back to warm and fuzzy again. Peace with with you.

Nessa said...

Oh, my! He's astounding.

Anonymous said...

get your finger out of that
electric socket...XO

moving forward
knee-deep in

photowannabe said...

Hi Friend, Long time no hear from. Thanks for the comment and I do hope your month is going better.
The crazed rabbit is not a good sign!

tsduff said...

Hi Crow: thanks for wandering past my dismal post. I'm so glad you did - always makes the misery lessen when shared with someone. :) You can hibernate with my bear, or fly south with me... it will all end up well. Better than now I think.

Doug - The darkness lifted for a moment - and now has crashed back down in the form of a vicious cold... nobody could have designed a more effective torture... bleah~

LGS - Thank you. I went to the wedding you posted, and was lifted to a better place when I saw all the lovely foods and the beautiful rice artwork...thank you~

Ariel - It WAS bad enough - though I hate to concede to menopausal hormones... that warm fuzzy gone bad was real baby.

Actonbell - Thanks for the positive thoughts. I'm hoping they make all the difference.

Nessa - I love all your words - you always come up with the best ones.

My Love - you pegged it better than anyone with your word verification... and yes, it still feels like that. Glad you are with me.

Photowannabe - Yes, so nice to hear from you as well. Glad to see your photos have never phaltered :)

Faycin A Croud said...

That rabbit scairt me!