Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tibbar Tibbar - all the way from Jackson Hole... very late to wish everyone Rabbit Rabbit and good luck in the month of July! Not even a picture today - I'll leave it up to you to visualize your very own Rabbit.


Logophile said...

What a filthy picture!


Hope you have a great month

Doug said...

Haha, Logo.

javajazz said...

really, that's quite the name,
and yet, it continues to attract
tourists...actually i have no idea
what JH is, (i cant even say it)
but i'ma look it up...
ps Tibbar tibbar, and
thank you SO much for the
birthday postcard!!!!!!
you never forget!!
you are awesome and
sweet and amazing!
hope you're having fun
in "the hole"...
(uch, did i say that??)
xoxo lisita

weirsdo said...

I had a great time in Jackson Hole once. Every afternoon it rained, and then there was a beautiful rainbow.